Twitter @BurgerKing Hacker Given Four Year Jail Term

Twitter @BurgerKing Hacker Given Four Year Jail Term

Remember back in February 2013 when the @BurgerKing Twitter profile was hacked?

Sure you do. It was actually pretty funny – the exploiter changed Burger King’s Twitter header photo and avatar to the McDonald’s logo and made an announcement that BK had been acquired by Ronald and co.

Well, federal prosecutors have finally caught up with the person behind the hack, and it’s only taken them 17 months.

Slow clap.

25-year-old Cameron Lacroix, a resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts – who was already infamous for hacking into Paris Hilton’s cellphone and a number of other high-profile incidents – has pled guilty to a hacking spree that targeted computer networks around the U.S. between February 16 and 19, 2013.

Lacroix accomplished this by breaching protocols of the customer support service Zendesk and downloading millions of records belonging to Twitter, one of many large companies who use Zendesk. Lacroix used this information to hack into a number of Twitter accounts, one of which belonged to Burger King.

And then hilarity ensued.

Twitter @BurgerKing Hacker Given Four Year Jail Term

Don’t feel bad for Burger King, because (a) their food is awful and (b) they actually picked up 30,000 new followers and a 300 percent engagement boost from the hack.

Lacroix, meanwhile, has been given a four year jail term.