10 Top Accounts To Follow On Twitter For Breaking News

One of the most common uses of Twitter is to keep up with breaking news.

But how exactly do you do that efficiently, reliably and while ensuring the information you’re consuming is accurate?

Regarding the last requisite, there’s still no perfect solution for accuracy-gating Twitter content, but it’s being worked on. For now, check out 10 top accounts to follow on Twitter for breaking news.

@BreakingNews: NBC News-owned Breaking News (way to jump on securing that handle) has amassed more than 6 million followers by tweeting steady, informed news bytes throughout the day and night.

@CNNBrk: CNN’s breaking news Twitter account mixes breaking news alerts with retweets from other CNN handles.

@CBSTopNews: This account accompanies each breaking news tweet with a helpful quickly viewable text summary.

@BBCBreaking: If you’re looking for a more global spin, follow the BBC’s breaking news alerts and updates account (separate from @BBCWorld and @BBCNews).

@WSJbreakingnews: If you want your general breaking news with an emphasis on business and economics, WSJ’s breaking news account is the one to watch.

@ABCNewsLive: Follow ABC News’ “Live” account for streaming video in addition to live-tweeted events and breaking news alerts.

@BuzzFeedNews: If you’re looking for more of a social Internet spin on your breaking news, BuzzFeed has it down.

@BreakingTweets: The Buffalo Sabres Social Media Manager’ Craig Kanalley curates a list of breaking tweets for the benefit of more than 22,000 followers.

@diggtop: Stories that reach #1 position on Digg’s front page get tweeted here.

@BreakingNewsStorm: This account offer real-time severe weather updates 24 hours a day from the @BreakingNews team.

Bonus: if you’re a Twitter list lover, you can also subscribe to Patrick LaForge’s Breaking News Twitter list, a compilation of 43 credible news accounts that’s a great one-stop-shop for consuming news.

(Breaking news photo via @ourlifestory / Flickr.)