Answer These 10 Questions to Build Your Twitter Brand

Answer These 10 Questions to Build Your Twitter Brand

The best businesses on Twitter understand that they are building a brand with every tweet they send. The tone, content, timing, opinions, multimedia and more that make up their tweets impact how their audience perceives them.

Many SMBs, however, don’t have the time or resources to put together a branding document or hold multiple meetings with their marketing team to outline exactly what their brand is. If you are looking for a quick-and-dirty way to craft your Twitter brand, you can get a great head start by answering these ten questions.

1. What are your core values? This questions should be relatively easy to answer if you’ve been in business for some time. You don’t have to think only in terms of marketing here: what values does your business, as a whole, embrace? Professionalism? Timeliness? Clear communication? Being on-the-pulse? Once you have this nailed down, it will become easier to know what types of tweets fit within your brand’s values and what types do not.

2. Who is your ideal customer? Understanding your customer will help you craft branded messages that appeal to them. If you need help here, you might want to try building marketing personas.

3. Pretend you just met your ideal customer. How do you convince them that they should choose your company versus the competition? This will help you define your competitive advantage, which you can then incorporate into your brand messaging.

4. What are your brand’s colors? Visually, you should associate your brand with one or more colors that will remain consistent across Twitter, your website, your logo, business cards, in-store signage and anywhere you have a presence.

5. If you had to use one word to describe your company, what would it be? Sometimes a simple answer can go a long way.

6. What are the top three brands that you admire most, and why? Whether these are competitors, businesses you are loyal to or simply brands that inspire you, knowing what you like will help you clarify how you want to position yourself.

7. What are the three brands that you dislike most, and why? In a similar vein to the previous question, knowing what type of messaging you want to avoid will help narrow the type of content you choose to put out there on Twitter.

8. What is your company’s internal culture like? Whether you’re a single-person shop or you’ve got a team of hundreds, describe your company culture. Think about milestones, celebrations, the every-day work day and the general atmosphere at the office.

9. If you currently have a brand identity, what do you like and dislike about it? Answering this question will help you know which direction you want to take your brand in the future.

10. If your brand was an animal/cocktail/car/major city/famous person which one would it be and why? Have a little fun here. As you describe the similarities your brand has with a a Ferrari or a parrot or inner city Chicago, your brand will become more real and solid in your mind.

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