REVEALED: 16 Of The Worst Brand #Fails We’ve Ever Seen On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Chrysler. Kenneth Cole. KFC. Bing. Vodafone.

What do these major brands have in common? They’ve each shown extremely bad judgement in the way that they use Twitter, either by choosing to publish the kinds of tweets that make you scratch your head in sheer disbelief, or by being extremely sloppy with policing the third-parties that they have selected to manage their presence on Twitter.

Check the infographic below for all the gory details, which includes a cleaned-up (profanity removed) list of 16 of the biggest brand fails we’ve ever seen on Twitter, and comes courtesy of Social Commerce Today – head over to their website to download a Keynote document of the tweets that you can edit and use for your own marketing presentations.

(Source: Social Commerce Today.)