Create Your Own Twitter Bot Using Code From Nieman Journalism Lab

Digital DIY is all the rage, evidenced by everything from craft bloggers’ crazy-popular Pinterest boards to the raging rise in interest for CodeAcademy – not to mention the growth in awareness of the potential in 3D printing.

Now Nieman Journalism Lab is enabling you to channel your DIY skills with regard to Twitter. The lab has released OpenFuego, an open-source version of Fuego, its popular Twitter robot. So now you can create your own.

Andrew Phelps, formerly of Nieman Lab, now at the New York Times, wrote Fuego’s backend code. Since then, he’s converted it into “sharable shape in his spare time.”

The result: you can now download and build your own customized Fuego.

The tool surfaces the tweets that are most timely, relevant, and reputable.

As Phelps describes Fuego, “It’s like being on Twitter all day long without having to be on Twitter all day long.”

The original Fuego is geared towards journalism professionals, but to create your own OpenFuego you can curate up to 15 authorities from any industry you want. The tool will then follow those people, and the people they follow, up to a total of 5,000 sources.

Every single time one of those sources shares a link, OpenFuego captures it into a database along with an influence score. OpenFuego runs in the background 24 hours a day, so it won’t miss anything.

It’s an incredible way to glean the freshest, most accurate information from Twitter without weeding through the firehouse yourself.

Read the rest of the back story on the Nieman Journalism Lab website, and check out OpenFuego on GitHub.

(Tools image via Shutterstock.)