Twitter Book Review Directory

How will we review books in the digital future? Over at GalleyCat, readers are betting on Twitter.

Twitter has become a new home for book reviewers, as they share recommendations, spread links, and review books in 140-character bursts. To celebrate this new kind of criticism, GalleyCat Reviews is building a directory of the best book review content on Twitter.

GalleyCat collected these writers in a handy Twitter list, but you can also read the complete list at this link.

This is not a comprehensive list, yet. Add your favorite Twitter reviewers in the comments section at GalleyCat–they will update the list as readers contribute new names. Soon it will be a helpful directory for publishers, publicists, readers, and writers.

In addition to this Twitter directory, GalleyCat Reviews is also sharing curated book lists from Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations. The regular feature launched with a list of 10 Great Books for Mother-Daughter Book Clubs.