Nobody Reads Twitter Bios And Wrestling Fans Are The Dumbest People On The Net

I’ve been registered on Twitter under the username @Sheamus since March 8, 2008. Well over three years. In that time I’ve built up a pretty reasonable following and certain amount of recognition in the Twitter and social media space.

But that’s on Twitter. In the ‘real world’ the most famous Sheamus is arguably Irish professional wrestler Sheamus O’Shaunessy. To be honest I don’t know much about wrestling – apart from that it’s very, very silly – but what I do know is that O’Shaunessy started to get pretty popular in the past couple of years.

And this has given me all sorts of problems. On Twitter.

Here’s the thing. As said, I have the username @Sheamus. O’Shaunessy tweets under @WWESheamus. But that doesn’t matter, as thousands of wrestling fans simply assume I am him. And despite making attempts to correct this error in my Twitter bio, the moronic tweets keep piling in.

Here’s my Twitter bio in all its glory:

Note the part in red. That’s key, inasmuch as even the quickest glance at the bio on my profile page would confirm that I am not a professional wrestler. It’s been this way for months and months. Failing that, take a look at the picture. And if you still weren’t convinced, all you’d need to do is read a few of my tweets. Unless Sheamus O’Shaunessy is moonlighting as a social media commentator, that should do it.

But no. People don’t do any of these things and the messages keep coming. Why? Two reasons. One, wrestling fans are, blatantly, and with some exceptions I’ll grant you, morons. I mean, come on. And two, I don’t think many people pay much attention to Twitter bios.

You want some examples? Here we go:

Damn you, Supercuts.

British weather.

I’m flattered. Now I just need to find some oil and skimpy pants.

Yes! Oh… right.

Thank you!

No he won’t.


I already have seven tattoos. Total waste of time that was.

And the one that takes the cake of all cakes:

And then there’s this:

I could understand the odd mistake but I get dozens and dozens of these each week. And every time there’s another major wrestling event involving Sheamus (the wrestler), Sheamus (the Twitter user) can expect another influx of moronic tweets. They fill the screen.

I think it’s pretty evident that most wrestling fans don’t read Twitter bios, and blatantly don’t even check Twitter profiles before tagging someone they just assume is going to be the person they’re looking for. But I see enough of this to make me wonder about the value of Twitter bios at all. I mean, my email address is displayed clearly on there as well but I still get regular messages asking for that.

I wonder if Twitter bios work a bit like signatures on bulletin board forums. You might pay attention from time to time but most people just tune them out after a while.

And if that’s true, is there much point in filling them in at all?

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