Twitter New Year’s Resolution: Perfect Your Bio

So far, our list of Twitter New Year’s Resolutions includes curating your Twitter lists and cleaning up your social media app permissions.

Another one to add to the list: perfecting your Twitter bio.

As we’ve written before, your Twitter bio is a key component of your identity on the platform, and a prime location for branding and visibility on Twitter.

And since your bio is limited to 160 characters, why not make them count?

Here are a few tips for sprucing up your Twitter bio in time for the New Year:

1. Identify your interests and/or skills. Use your bio to address this question: “Why are you on Twitter in the first place?” Let your followers, and potential followers, in on what you’ll be tweeting about. Importantly, the reverse holds true: be sure you’re tweeting about what your bio indicates you’ll be tweeting about.

2. Keep keywords in mind. Don’t forget that Twitter is a search tool, too, so it’s important to think about keywords when filling in or updating your bio. You’ll be more likely to attract followers, and loyal, engaged followers at that, when you make yourself identifiable based on specific buzzwords.

3. Include a link to a web presence other than Twitter. This one isn’t imperative, but it’s smart. Linking to your website, blog, Facebook profile or online portfolio is a good way to give your followers a way to connect with you outside of Twitter. That way, conversations can continue across multiple channels. Social networking is all about being social, after all.

4. Fact-check. Optimize your Twitter presence by making sure your bio is factually correct. Did you get a new job? Is your kitten now a full-grown cat? Did you move to a new city? Has your expertise shifted? Make sure your bio reflects these changes to give your tweeps an accurate portrait of yourself.

Stay tuned for more Twitter New Year’s Resolutions. And feel free to add your own in the comments below.

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