Twitter And Bing Extend Partnership, Create Searchable Profiles And Hashtags

Twitter And Bing Extend Partnership, Create Searchable Profiles And Hashtags

Bing is vying to become the supreme Twitter search tool, and it definitely has a leg up on its rival Google. In a recent announcement, Bing unveiled new ways to search Twitter hashtags, profiles and celebrity news via its search engine.

In a blog post on Friday, Bing announced that it was extending its partnership with Twitter, which was renewed back in November, by serving up tweets in its search results whenever anyone types in a hashtag or a @username.

As the blog post explains:

“The central idea behind the approach is that the most interesting content on Twitter can be determined by a combination of a tweet’s popularity, its freshness and the authority of the user tweeting it. We look at a number of signals including tweet quality, retweet count, freshness of tweet, user profile info and verified status, among others. Placing these signals in our model, we serve what we hope are top quality tweets.”

When a user types the “#” symbol followed by a few letters, Bing will display the most popular, matching hashtags as suggestions. And completing the search will surface relevant tweets related to that hashtag.

The functionality works much the same for @usernames, with suggestions popping up as a user types “@” and a few letters. Additionally, and unlike Google, verified Twitter profiles that appear in Bing search results will now prominently display “verified” just beneath the profile name.


The new Twitter search integration also includes surfacing tweets related to celebrities – sans @username – that a user might search for.