Twitter: The Best Of The Week (May 23-29, 2009)

This is a weekly series that looks at the best Twitter-related stories, news and articles within the Twittersphere over the last seven days. You can read previous entries in our archives.

Twitter Trips on Its Rapid Growth

So says the Wall Street Journal. Twitter’s user-base has jumped from around 1.6 million to an estimated 32.1 million in a year, but the company still boasts less than 50 employees. “For the entire [three-year] history of the company, most of the resources have gone to managing growth and that is still the case,” says co-founder Evan Williams.

Paper Tweets

Fun projects like this always seem to spring up around social media. They rarely last, but still: fun. Twitter on Paper is a free service that allows you to request a handwritten, one-of-a-kind paper edition of a tweet that is mailed to your home. Why? Well, there’s the question.


Topsy is a search-engine that is powered entirely by tweets. Here’s what it has to say about me. As you can see, amongst other things, Topsy rates a given user’s influence on Twitter, using re-tweets as a kind of virtual currency.

Google Twave

Google Wave generated enormous buzz this week, and if it’s as good as it looks we could well be seeing the beginning of the end for Facebook and Twitter as well. Meantime, check out Twave, an extension for Google Wave that allows you to manage tweets in unique ways.

New York Times Appoints First Social Media Editor

This story isn’t about Twitter per se, but it’s definitely related as Jennifer Preston has been appointed the first Social Media Editor of the New York Times. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Location, Location, Location

This week, Twitter announced that they may soon be adding comments and ‘likes’ as new functionality on the network – the latter of which I detest and wrote about here – as well as attaching controversial geo-referencing metadata to each tweet.

Hopefully this will be something you can opt out of, and you can voice your thoughts on this in my poll.

The Running Kutcher

On Monday, The Examiner broke a story about the creation of an interactive Twitter TV show where contestants would ‘stalk celebrities’. As you can imagine, this resulted in howls of protests from many “exploited” A-listers, including Demi Moore, Alyssa Milano and Ashton Kutcher, the latter of whom threatened to quit. I’m sure we’ll cope.

The Best Of @Sheamus

I share a lot of great content on Twitter and recent I began to store the cream of that crop in my favourite’s folder. You can access it via this link. I’m a prolific tweeter, and this might be useful if you can’t keep up!

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