Twitter Begins Selling Promoted Products In The UK Today

In a blog post this morning, Twitter announced that it has begun selling Promoted Products, which include Tweets, Accounts and Trends, to UK-based businesses.

The first brand to jump on UK-based Promoted Products is Sky network promoting the new season of Glee, which launches today in the UK.

Sky is using the hashtag #gleeonsky and the account @GLEEonSKY to promote tonight’s broadcast on Twitter, and has also purchased some Promoted Tweets to go along with the advertising push.

These new UK Promoted Products allow UK advertisers to geo-target their Tweets, Accounts and Trends to narrow down the market to only those living in the UK. Prior to today’s announcement, Promoted Products were only available to US companies, and they couldn’t target the UK as a market.

The next batch of advertisers to start capitalizing on the new UK products will include BT, Electronic Arts, Eurostar and Paramount Pictures UK.

This comes at a time when UK businesses and consumers alike are more eager than ever to embrace the tweet. Recent studies show that two thirds of the top UK companies prefer Twitter to Facebook, and that 32 percent of online adults in the UK have a Twitter profile.

And Twitter hasn’t been ignoring the signs. The company has been focusing on the UK in recent months, presumably to pave the way for today’s product launch. They just announced the first day of work for their UK sales staff last week, and launched a UK blog around that same time.

Tony Wang, Twitter’s general manager for the UK, has this to say about Twitter’s presence in the UK:

“This has been a particularly good year for Twitter in the UK. We have seen rapid growth in the UK, with a 95% increase in active users since the first of the year. We acquired TweetDeck, one of the brightest lights of London’s bustling tech scene. And, we set up an official Twitter presence in London, filling that space with a strong team who spend their days helping people connect with the latest information on the topics and people they care about.

Every day, millions of people in the UK use Twitter to connect to meaningful, relevant content in real-time, including messages from the businesses and brands they admire. Now, we’re excited to make that process even easier by enabling UK brands who advertise on Twitter using our suite of Promoted Products to geo-target their messages specifically to people in the UK.”