Twitter Begins Hiring European Staff, Sparks London HQ Speculation

Twitter has begun to look across the pond for new talent, and its London-based hiring focus has caused many to speculate that the long-awaited European headquarters would land in the UK’s capital.

In a series of two tweets late Wednesday night, Twitter’s head of international strategy Katie Jacobs Stanton announced the company’s desire to hire London-based sales staff:

Stanton announced two jobs, Sales and Account Manager. Twitter’s “Positions” page lists two slightly different UK positions, Account Executive and Account Manager, and it does not specify how many of each it is looking for.

While Twitter appears to be building only a small sales team in London (and Stanton emphasizes this by suggesting the team will be office-less for some time), many suspect that this could lead to Twitter’s European HQ being located within the city. The rumor of a London-based headquarters has been flying around for some time, as Twitter representatives met with both real estate developers in London’s “Silicon Roundabout” area as well as Prime Minister David Cameron in recent months.

The job descriptions on Twitter’s “Positions” page also hint at a London HQ. As the Wall Street Journal points out, Twitter has also added job postings for several positions in Japan, one of which is an Account Executive. And within this description is the caveat, “You will work closely with local Account Managers and our global advertising operations team, based out of our new office in London.” Specifying the London office may be a sign that Twitter is seriously considering creating their European headquarters there.