Twitter as a Personal Assistant?


Could Twitter soon act as your personal assistant? GigaOm blogger Mathew Ingram writes that now that the company has acquired Values of n, the latter is shutting down two of its main services: Stikkit, a smart sticky-note app, and I Want Sandy, a personal assistant app.

Twitter founder and CEO Ev Williams said in a blog post that “[T]he technology behind the scenes will live on and potentially re-emerge as part of Twitter’s systems, services, user experience, or open source libraries.” Meanwhile, Values of n founder Rael Dornfest wrote, “[Twitter] has no immediate plans to incorporate Sandy or Stikkit’s feature sets into its core product [but] those who know our apps well may notice familiar-feeling bits and bobs appearing in your Twitter experience.”

Ingram said in the article that, potentially, the two services could eventually (once integrated into Twitter) let Twitter users collect bits of personal data about their friends, such as birthdays, meetings with location data, and other reminders. Then they could set text messages to act as little alarms on their cell phones. It would be just like having a personal assistant, only much more annoying.