Newest Twitter Aqui-hire: announced on its blog earlier today that it has joined Twitter’s flock.

What is According to its website, it’s “an easy to integrate library for native iOS applications designed to help you develop faster and deploy instantly.”

According to its announcement, developers who “love the Clutch Framework and Clutch A/B Testing” shouldn’t worry about their apps as the the hosted service will be around till November 1 and then they’ll “make available everything you need to run on your own servers.”

What is A/B testing? It’s testing for a variable using two groups (where are each presented with a different experience) to see which results in a higher conversion rate. Here’s a handy diagram from that explains it:

It makes sense for Twitter to focus on this, of course – and particularly on mobile. Enhancing conversion rates is important to anyone conducting business online.

But, as TechCrunch wonders as well: Will Twitter use’s developer-focused IP in a new developer initiative, particularly now that is making a play to woo developers away from the platform?

What do you think? Purely coincidental timing or something else?

(You’re Hired image from Shutterstock)


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