10 Essential Apps To Enhance Your Mobile Twitter Experience

Twitter was born as a mobile network.

Back in July 2006, Jack Dorsey introduced the idea of creating an SMS (short message service, texting for example) that would allow users to communicate with a small group of people.

Thus, the “tweet” was born.

So it makes sense that Twitter is super mobile-friendly. There is a wealth of apps out there that can greatly enhance your Twitter experience beyond Twitter.com and the official Twitter app.

Check out 10 of our favorite Twitter-tastic apps, below.

  1. Pulse: Want to curate the content you find on the Internet so that you can share quality posts, articles and media with your followers? A beautifully designed news reader, Pulse takes your favorite websites and blogs and transforms them into a colorful and interactive mosaic. Share articles straight to your social media networks from your phone or tablet.
  2. Flipboard: Flipboard is another gorgeous visual news reader. It’s like you’re reading a digital magazine, even when it’s on your phone rather than tablet. Just like Pulse, you can link up Flipboard to your social media accounts for seamless sharing.
  3. Buffer: Oh, we love you Buffer. Make a quick free profile, sync up your Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts, find content to share (news articles, blog posts, funny videos, awesome photos, anything) and the site automagically posts it for you at optimal times throughout the day. How does that work, you ask? Buffer uses an algorithm to determine the best time of day for your tweets to be sent, analyzing your followers to see when they would be most receptive to your tweets. Bonus: Buffer works alongside other social apps (Feedler, TweetCaster, Instapaper, dozens more) to kick up your social sharing even more.
  4. TweetCaster: TweetCaster is the #1 downloaded Twitter app for a reason: it’s powerful, efficient and effective. A few of its capabilities, on top of letting you send and read tweets and DMs per usual: you can filter your Twitter stream by tweets that contain photos, videos and/or links; you can get a handy snapshot of your own Twitter analytics plus stats of the people you follow; and you can manage the masses of people you follow by organizing Twitter lists quickly and logically. Good stuff.
  5. Scoop.it: Collect relevant content and add your insight, then share via Twitter and other networks. Simple!
  6. Tweet Marker: Ever wish you could save your place in your Twitter timeline from one Twitter app to the next? Enter: Tweet Marker. Here’s how it works: Use one of the many popular Twitter apps to read through tweets. Close the app – your position is automatically saved to Tweet Marker. Launch another Twitter app. The scroll position is synced to where you left off! Most apps sync both timeline and mentions, and some apps sync lists and searches too.
  7. Twitterrific: Apple’n’Apps called it “Tweeting Like Never Before.” Twitterrific offers you a clean layout with a menu to change the theme, font, size and more so you can make your Twitter feed look exactly as you want. And if you’re more into gestures than buttons, swipes and drags on your phone’s screen let you control the app smoothly.
  8. Tweetlogix: Powerful filtering lets you mute users, keywords or phrases, plus you can design your own color themes, view inline images, search nearby and more.
  9. TweetList: Calling all Twitter list lovers (which should be everyone): TweetList will make your Twitter experience easier with its intuitive design for managing your Twitter lists. In addition, you can search Twitter, find users, view local trends, and save searches on your phone.
  10. Tweetings: This guy’s got all the official Twitter app features you know and love, plus added benefits: the ability to mute users and hashtags, instant push notifications for DMs, retweets and @ mentions, Tweet Marker support and shareable custom color themes. Plus, if you’re on a WiFi connection you can set your tweets and DMs to show up instantly without you needing to refresh.

Do you use a Twitter app we didn’t mention? The comments are yours.

(Phone image from Shutterstock)