Twitter Apologizes For Using Real Users’ Fake Tweets In Its Advertising Announcement

Twitter issued a mea culpa yesterday for a slip-up that many didn’t realize had even happened.

In a blog post announcing the general availability of its Twitter TV Ad Targeting service, Twitter adopted three real Twitter users’ handles and attributed fake tweets to each of them. Needless to say, the users were not pleased.

As SFGate first discovered, Twitter created the following bogus tweets as examples of how brands that use Twitter TV Ad Targeting can follow the second-screen conversation around their TV spots:

“What is the song in the new @barristabar commercial? I love it!!”, from user @Neil_Gottlieb.

“I wish I could make fancy lattes like in the @barristabar commercial.”, from @WilliamMazeo.

“This @barristabar ad is giving me the shakes. Looks so good!”, from @subhash_tewari

All three are real Twitter users, but they never tweeted anything like those posts attributed to them. Further, they were not notified that their handles would be used at all.

Here’s what the image looked like in the original blog post:

Since then, Twitter issued an apology on its blog and to the users:

Twitter also replaced the original graphic with one attributing the same fake tweets to Twitter Ads employees. Which is what it should have done in the first place.

Would you be annoyed if Twitter used your handle in this way?

(Oops image via Shutterstock.)