Two More Twitter API Casualties: TweetChat and TweetGrid

Twitter may have extended the drop dead date for its current API to June 11, but two more developers are already pretty sure their apps won’t survive the switch.

Why are they so sure? One says Twitter introduced a bug that’s already wreaking havoc – and both are currently experiencing problems. 

TweetChat and TweetGrid are both pretty fantastic ways to participate in Twitter hashtag chats. TweetChat “helps put your blinders on to the Twitter-sphere while you monitor and chat about one topic,” providing a separate screen experience:

And TweetGrid is a “fully customizable Twitter search tool for tracking multiple keyword-based searches in real time.” A TweetGrid looks like this:

Or, we should say – that’s what they USED to do. Once June 11 hits, they probably won’t be around. They’re already having trouble, since May 3 (the day before Twitter introduced its extension):

So why is this happening now when there has been an extension? According to TweetChat, Twitter “introduced a bug:”   

The only way they can hope to go on as-is would be for Twitter to continue to provide unauthenticated access to its API, and that’s, admittedly, a huge policy change that’s not likely to happen.

What can you do? Watch this space for a Twitter chat option you may find useful.

(Image from Shutterstock)

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