Twitter Increases Our Anxiety, Reduces Our Confidence [SURVEY]

Tweeting might be bad for your health, a new UK-based survey has found.

A poll of Facebook and Twitter users found that over half of them believe that the social networks have changed their behavior, and that their lives have actually be changed for the worse.

The Telegraph reports that the charity Anxiety UK commissioned a poll of 298 people to determine how social networks affect their health and daily lives.

Of those polled, 53 percent said that Twitter and Facebook have changed their behavior and 51 percent said that it was changed for the worse.

The most common complaint from those who have undergone a negative change from social media is that their confidence went way down after tweeting or posting a status update.

Twitter and Facebook also seem to negatively impact people’s sleeping habits, with two thirds of respondents saying they found it hard to relax or sleep after staring into the glow of their social profiles.

Being active on a social network has also caused one quarter of the respondents to sabotage a relationship or their position in the workplace, after they had said or done something confrontational.

And social media increases our anxiety directly. 55 percent of respondents said they felt worried or uncomfortable if they couldn’t access Facebook for some reason.

Are you more anxious and less confident thanks to Twitter? Or has it impacted your life in a more positive way? Let us know in the comments below.

(Stressed man at a computer image via Shutterstock)