Twitter Announces Push Notifications for @Mentions

Yesterday evening, Twitter announced on its Blog that it would be making push notifications available for @mentions of your username by anyone you follow. This means that you’ll get an SMS or iPhone notification whenever someone you follow mentions your username. Away from your computer for the afternoon? You won’t miss a Tweet with this new feature.

With the new push notifications, you can opt in to be instantly notified on SMS or iPhone whenever someone mentions your Twitter username. This means that you can stay completely current in the conversations involving you or your brand, without having to be glued to Twitter or to your computer screen.

Twitter also announced that push notifications for Messages are now available for iPhone, in addition to SMS and Twitter for Blackberry, and that they are working on implementing this on Twitter for Android and Windows Phone.

To access the new @mention push notifications, users should go to, and check the box under “text message notifications”.