Twitter Updates Its Android And iPhone Apps With Seamless Photo Sharing

This week, Twitter rolled out updates to its Android and iPhone apps that make mobile tweeting more seamless than ever.

Here’s a quick rundown of the mobile updates.

Photos: When you add a photo to a tweet, you’ll now see a full preview of your photo, not just the cropped version. Twitter has also redesigned the photo sharing experience to make it extra-simple to share a photo from your camera roll. Just click the photo icon on the bottom right corner of the tweet box, and you’ll get a scrollable gallery of images to share via tweet.


Accounts: Social media managers on multiple accounts, this one’s for you. When you compose a tweet, you’ll now see your avatar and username, giving you a better sense of how your tweet will actually appear. Toggle between accounts by just tapping on your avatar. Another safeguard against sending a personal tweet from a brand’s handle!

Richer notifications on Android: With this most-requested update, Droid users will now see more details about interactions on Twitter right in the Notifications Drawer. Swipe the notification to expand and see more details.

Removal of borders around timelines on Twitter for iPhone: Just as they’d already done on Android, Twitter has removed the timeline border on iPhone, so your tweets will now fill your entire phone screen.

Download this Twitter app update from the App Store or Google Play.