Twitter Along with UnBeige

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Ever wonder which Muppet was Ingmar Bergman‘s favorite?* Curious as to the recent autumnal aesthetic of fashion designer Alexander Wang?† Wondering who Francesco Vezzoli described as “the Cindy Sherman of the pop music world”?‡ Answers to these questions and many more can be found on our UnBeige Twitter feed. Are you following us? UnBeige, in Twitter form, is your source for terse and downright laconic breaking newsbites, event snippets, and links of interest. As you may have noticed, the tech wizards have added to the sidebar at right a handful of our most recent word bursts (limited to 140 characters), but you can sign up to follow all of our twittering, and start twittering yourself here. Hey, if it’s good enough for the ghost of Frank Lloyd Wright

†Street urchin turned bordello ringmaster with a velvet-flocked palette of black, wine, and ink
‡Lady Gaga