Another Twitter Executive Leaves, While a Former Exec Starts a New Job

Vice president for the Asia-Pacific region Aliza Knox is leaving the company

Another Twitter executive exited the company through its perpetually revolving door, vice president for the Asia-Pacific region Aliza Knox, and one who already left, former Vine head of communications and marketing Carolyn Penner, found a new home.

Knox announced her departure in a tweet, saying that managing director for Southeast Asia and India Maya Hari will succeed her.

Knox joined Twitter in 2012, and the social network said in a statement:

We thank Aliza for her contributions and leadership over the past four-and-a-half years. She pioneered Twitter’s Asia-Pacific business (outside of Japan), championed our expansion into new markets and businesses such as Indonesia and China export advertising, set up our Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore and led our diversity initiatives across the region.

Penner had been with Twitter for more than six years before leaving the company last October, when the shuttering of the Vine application was announced.

She is joining the communications team at small appliance company Dyson, which is best-known for its line of vacuum cleaners.

Penner announced her new role in a tweet.

Image courtesy of RoBeDeRo/iStock.