Twitter Improves Age-Screening For Following Alcohol Brands

Twitter announced today that it was going to make life easier for alcohol brands and the people who want to follow them.

On the web, Android and iOS versions of Twitter, users who attempt to follow an alcohol brand will be met with a new method for ensuring they are the legal drinking age.

As the Twitter blog explains, this new change allows a user to prove they are of-age right within Twitter itself, simply by selecting their date of birth after choosing to follow a participating alcohol brand. The user’s age will be checked against the legal drinking age for their country, and – if they are of-age – they will be allowed to follow that brand.

As the Twitter blog explains, they will not store your birth date, but will simply remember that you are of-age.

Prior to this updated experience, users had to jump through a few more hoops. When someone chose to follow an alcohol brand, they were instantly sent a DM from that brand. They had to click over to a website, enter their date of birth, and could click back over to Twitter to follow the brand, assuming they were of-age.

The new process simplifies things, by keeping the age-verification process within Twitter itself.

Twitter is partnering with a few brands to start the slow roll-out of this new feature, including Bud Light, Jim Beam, Knob Creek, Heineken and Bacardi. The company notes that brands are not just using the new age verification feature to attract followers – many are using it as part of a promoted tweet or account advertising strategy as well.

(Source: Twitter blog; Alcohol bottles image via Shutterstock)