Twitter Advertising Slide Deck Leaked

All Things D got their hands on a slide deck that Twitter is using to entice big advertisers – McDonald’s, Pepsi and American Express kind of big – to commit more ad dollars to the network through 2012.

Some sources are predicting that Twitter’s ad revenue will hit $1 billion by 2014 – and the company is doing all it can to try to hit this figure.

Here’s a sample of some of the slides that Twitter put together to get more big advertisers to spend:

These slides show that Twitter is really pushing its mobile prowess upon advertisers, showing them that “we do it better than Facebook” quite explicitly. And, as AllThingsD points out, a good portion of the slides are similar to the middle slide above: they discuss the basics of advertising on Twitter, even the basics of what Twitter is itself. The company also explains in the “Joint Business Plans” slide that they are willing to let advertisers in on early access to new products as well as give them discounts if they spend a certain amount.

Other key takeaways:

  • Twitter is (still) planning on unveiling analytics tools for advertisers
  • #Event Pages are going to be increasingly more important to the company as well as its advertisers
  • Twitter plans to offer “enhanced interest targeting” for advertisers to more accurately get their Promoted Tweets in front of the right audience

The big advertiser pitch deck posted on All Things D is worth a look in its entirety for even more information about what Twitter has planned for its ad product.

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