Finally! Twitter’s Self-Service Ads Are Now Available To SMBs In UK, Ireland And Canada

If you’re a marketer looking to use Twitter to promote your brand’s products and services in the UK, Ireland or Canada, I have some good news.

As of today, there is no longer a minimum spend requirement for Twitter advertising in these locations, as Twitter has (finally) rolled out its Self-Service ads platform outside of the United States.

Prior to this, the minimum spend for advertising on Twitter in the UK requirement a £15,000 commitment. Now, brands can tap into Twitter’s Promoted Products, included Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, on a budget that suits them.

Twitter advertising lets you amplify your presence on the platform, while giving you total control of your message. Use Promoted Accounts to build an active community of followers who are advocates and influencers for your business. If you’re looking to broaden the reach of message, try Promoted Tweets, which let you engage with users who are not yet following you based on a variety of powerful targeting options.

It takes a just few minutes to get started with Twitter Ads. If you can Tweet, you can advertise on Twitter — all you need is a Twitter account and a credit card. You’re in control of your ads, the audience you want to reach, and of course your budget. Best of all, you will only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account or retweet, reply, favorite or click on your Promoted Tweets. You are never charged for your organic Twitter activity.

Twitter has also teamed up with O2 Business to educate SMBs in the UK on how to use Twitter ads, and O2 will be providing £1 million of free Twitter ad credit to be made available to all businesses using the O2 social insights tool.

In my experience, there is no better way at driving new and relevant followers to your Twitter profile than using their ad platform. It just works, pure and simple. So if you’re struggling to get your Twitter presence off the ground and have some money to invest, give it a go.

Finally, this isn’t just good news for SMBs, as the self-service ads are also available for personal accounts, too. Just add your credit card and you can promote your account and tweets on Twitter in these countries. See?

(Source: Twitter Blog.)