Twitter Ads Coming Soon?

Duncan Riley is reporting that ads began showing up for some users during the Twitterquake last night. While I was not one of the lucky few to receive ads, it may be a sign that ads are soon to come on Twitter. Many have wondered how Twitter would ever generate revenue from their service. Most predicted that ads were the path to profit.

For some reason I’m slightly disappointed by this approach. I guess there aren’t creative ways to generate revenue on the internet anymore. We’re an entire industry that’s advertising supported. While I’m concerned that this isn’t sustainable in the long-term, I wonder how long this will last before the advertising peaks and we all jump the shark. Conversely, as I argued earlier this morning, the real value is in community and Twitter has been successful at building a platform that supports multiple communities.

I guess my disappointment isn’t completely justified. Isn’t e-commerce really the only other way that revenue is generated on the web? This simply supports my concern about how long this will last. Then again, the parties are still going on and we might as well enjoy the current boom in internet advertising! Do you support Twitter adding advertising to your feed? Would you pay to use Twitter?

Alley Insider is reporting that these rumors are completely false. Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter was quoted, “We’re not putting ads on As far as I can tell, a customized background image had some folks confusing and speculating.”