Twitter Adds Search

Tonight Twitter added search as a feature to their site. This means that instantly users can begin searching through locations and usernames. I did a search for Washington, D.C. and received the screenshot that’s displayed below. This is a big blow to the increasingly popular Twitter Local website. Now you can simply search through locations and find an accurate listing of all people. The one benefit of still using Twitter Local is that you can sort by distance.

Many have said that Twitter has been slow to roll out new features. It looks like they are finally starting to step things up now that they have a solid hosting provider. While I’m not yet able to search through all of my tweets, I would imagine that the full search functionality will be added to Twitter in the near future given the current speed of their search results.

This sheer ability to search through million upon millions of messages would be substantial. Imagine being able to go back and search through all of the instant messages you ever sent. While Google has since added that feature to their talk, I have a feeling that our volume of tweets are frequently more substantial.

Do you see much value in searching through your tweets? How about for users?

Wayne Sutton says in the comments that the search has always been around but just in another place. Did I miss something?