Twitter Adds New Features To iPhone and iPad Apps

Twitter Thursday released a significant update to its official apps for the iPhone and iPad. A few changes incorporate recent upgrades Twitter had made to apps on other devices and one, a new swipe bar displaying trends and promoted trends, is exclusive to the iPhone.

The update has the usual bug fixes and stability improvements and, in addition to a few new features, significantly changes the “new tweet” screen. The interface is now cleaner and larger and attaching media easier than ever. An option to take a new photo to attach to a message has been added. Autocomplete of usernames and hashtags (culling a list from your stream and trending topics) is also a nice convenience.

Also new to the app is a function that allows you to scrape your phone’s contacts to find people you may know on Twitter. Originally released on the latest Twitter for Android app, the feature asks you if you want to find contacts the first time you fire up the app, and thereafter can be found in the search menu.

The biggest addition might be the new swipe bar that appears at the top of the timeline. This displays the latest promoted trends and trending topics always. The trends can be scrolled through one at a time by swiping. Clicking displays the tweets for that topic. It’s a nice convenience and one advertisers who bought promoted trends are sure to be fans of as well. Win win.

Download from the app store here.

Twitter still might not have the most powerful app on the market, but for its usability and thoughtful touches it’s a popular choice. In fact, the official iPhone app is the third most popular way to access Twitter (behind and according to Twitter’s blog.

So, are you an official Twitter app user, or do you prefer something else?