Twitter Adds Hide Replies Endpoint to API v2

It went through the testing ringer at Twitter Developer Labs

Twitter Developer Labs has been testing the endpoint since February Twitter
Headshot of David Cohen

Twitter extended the ability for all users to hide replies to their tweets last November, and it officially rolled out its API v2 (application-programming interface) last week. They were joined Wednesday, as the Hide Replies endpoint was added to the API.

A Twitter spokesperson said, “Developers play a key role in serving and improving the health of the public conversation. This endpoint perfectly demonstrates that belief, as it enables developers to hide replies to a tweet on behalf of a person who has authorized the developer to do so. This will enable developers to build tools that limit the impact of abusive, distracting or misleading replies on behalf of their customers.”

The social network made the hide replies feature available to its Twitter Developer Labs testing program in February and, based on feedback from those tests, it added two features to the Hide Replies endpoint: the ability to hide or unhide replies to a tweet, and a higher rate limit than what was available during the test.

Twitter highlighted apps that were built using the new endpoint, including:

  • Dara Oladosu scaled his Hide Unwanted Replies app to more customers.
  • Reshuffle built an app to detect and hide replies that include keywords defined by its clients.
  • Sprinklr is helping its users automatically detect and hide replies that detract from their messaging. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.