Twitter Adds Conversation Insights Tool to Media Studio

Publishers can see tweets they may otherwise have missed

Twitter's content listening tools go beyond mentions and hashtags FrankRamspott/iStock
Headshot of David Cohen

Twitter added a new tool to its publisher insight portion of Media Studio, conversation insights.

Product manager Ellen Havlicek said in a blog post that conversation insights enables publishers to see tweets they may have missed via the social network’s content listening tools, which go beyond mentions and hashtags.

Tweets that are surfaced are displayed on a customizable dashboard, enabling publishers to see what is being said about them minute-by-minute over time.

Features in the conversation insights tool include:

  • An interactive graph that displays how many tweets there are about the publisher.
  • Top accounts talking about the publisher or engaging with its content, filtered by follower count or frequency.
  • A timeline of tweets about the publisher that can be filtered by follower and engagement thresholds, language, tweet format and verification status.

Havlicek added that in the future, publishers will be able to engage with tweets, share tweets or reply directly via the tool. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.