Twitter Adds ‘Cat’ To Language Translations – Making The Twitters A Happee

Ever want to talk like a cat? Well, that’s just weird and isn’t what this language translation thingy does, but it must feel good to finally admit. Yay for you.

BUT – if you ever wanted to READ things and imagine a cat had written them (a desire that is perfectly normal, by the way), you’ll be pleased to know the Twitters es ur happee playc.

Those crazy cats at Twitter added a new option to the language translation settings today: LolCat.

Cats can’t spell, but they es hilureoos. Okay, I’ll stop (and let the screenshots do the talking).

When you switch to LolCat language in your settings you’ll see all kinds of cooky cat-like misspellings:



The only bad part? It does not translate your tweets to “cat.” Sad meow.

Do you love this or what?

(Image from @Twitter tweet)