Twitter Adding VP/Communications

463 Communications co-founder Sean Garrett announced on the company’s The 463: Inside Tech Policy blog that he will join Twitter as vice president of communications in April.

Garrett posted:

Little did I know that I would be taking my own advice and providing my own validation when I wrote that. For, I am face-to-face with another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ll soon be joining Twitter as their vice president of communications. (As I transition to Twitter, I’ll also be wearing my 463 hat until April).

And then there is Twitter. Oh yes. That. Based on all the love that I have for 463, it would have to be a profoundly amazing opportunity for me to make a move. And, this is. I’m all the more confident of this because, via 463, I have been consulting for Twitter the last few months. I’m excited to build out a creative, smart, and aggressive team that is an appropriate fit for the uniqueness of Twitter. I’m also eager to dust off my front-line media-relations chops after spending most of the last nine years focused on the shadowy, back-room strategy thing.

It will be a great challenge, but one that I can’t wait to attack. Twitter, like 463, is comprised of good people who have created a culture and a mission that I steadfastly believe in and want to advance.