Twitter Ad Rates Skyrocket

Twitter is starting to jack up its ad rates.

According to, Twitter is pulling in $100,000-120,000 per day for its “promoted trends” ad placements—one of a handful of ad products the microblogging firm introduced last year when it began to ramp up its monetization efforts. 

Promoted trends ads appear above the list of subjects and terms that are trending on Twitter at a given moment.

As of last September, Twitter claimed advertising demand was so strong for new ad products that the company had to turn some advertisers down. “Right now, there’s a line out the door to advertise with us and spend significant dollars,” said Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at last year’s Advertising Week.

The company feels it can get away with charging more for its red-hot ad placements, which, at $120,000 per day, are among the priciest ads on the Web. Still, promoted trends have a long way to go. According to digital buyers, YouTube can fetch upwards of $300,000 for homepage ads, while ads on Yahoo’s homepage have been reported to cost even more.