Twitter Acquires List Management Company Bagcheck

Twitter has acquired the list-management company Bagcheck, and will add its founder, Sam Pullara (@SamPullara) to its engineering team.

Bagcheck is a network where people share lists. The website describes itself as “…a fun way to share and discover what’s inside our “bags”” – which can basically be anything. People sign up and share their favorite digital cameras and accessories, cooking equipment, sketching tools and much more.

Announced on Monday on the Bagcheck blog, founder Sam Pullara explains that, as part of Twitter’s engineering team, he will “bring his passion for connecting people to what interests them to his new role at Twitter.” Bagcheck’s other cofounder, Luke Wroblewski, will not be joining Twitter.

Bagcheck itself will continue to remain available for the foreseeable future. However, the blog posts cautions that, as with any acquisition, this may change in the future.

I for one am hopeful that Bagcheck’s technology and founder will be able to breathe new life into Twitter’s lists. They are an all-important feature, as any power user can attest to, but (as I’ve written about in the past) there are a number of changes that could make them a whole lot better. It’s possible that Bagcheck – as a network of lists and list-makers – will now serve as the foundation for a new way of grouping people on Twitter that is much more effective than the current state of lists.