Twitter Accounts For 11% Of Click-Throughs On Shared Content

When it comes to content that’s shared around the web, Twitter is among the major forces driving click-throughs. While it doesn’t quite compare to Facebook, Twitter does send just about the same percentage of click-throughs on shared content as email does – and email has decades on Twitter.

In a study put together by social sharing button provider ShareThis, Twitter is found to be among the most popular ways that people share content – but it still has a way to go.

The study looked at over 300 million people who share and click on links using a ShareThis button (which is installed on over 1 million websites). It found that sharing accounts for about 10 percent of all Internet traffic.

First, some general findings:

  • Facebook, unsurprisingly, is the sharing juggernaut: it accounts for 38% of all sharing referral traffic, or those who actually click on shared links
  • Email accounts for 17% of shared traffic click-throughs
  • Twitter accounts for 11% of share traffic click-throughs
  • Other sharing tools like bookmarking and sharing on blogs accounts for the remaining 34%

But that’s not the whole story. While Twitter might have lower traffic generation, it sees higher click-through rates on each item shared than Facebook. Twitter links are clicked 4.9 times each, compared to Facebook’s 4.3 times and email’s 1.7 times.

Twitter is also making inroads in terms of the type of content shared, branching out into business and health while Facebook shares usually center around entertainment and shopping links.

This data shows us that Twitter, while not being the massive sharing machine that Facebook is, sees high levels of engagement on its shared links and is overtaking email in terms of the percentage of traffic it drives through shared content.

Via TechCrunch