Twitter According to Jake and Amir: A Place to Store your Secrets [Video]

It’s time for a little Friday fun here at AllTwitter. This classic Jake and Amir episode will leave any Twitter user in stitches, after you realize that poor Amir isn’t joking when he calls Twitter a “…place to privately store your thoughts, like a lockbox.” We still love you, Amir.

College Humor’s Jake and Amir are one of the most notorious comedy duos on the web. While Jake usually plays the straight man, Amir is constantly off in his own world of really terrible raps, delusions of friendship, and chicken nuggets.

This particular video shows Amir discovering Twitter – and the hilarity that ensues. He describes using Twitter by “texting a Website which privately stores your thoughts, like an online lockbox.” Not quite. As us Twitterati know, Twitter is naturally oriented towards open communication, and anything you tweet can be read by the entire world unless you specifically change your privacy settings (which, we’re betting, Amir has no idea how to do).

Check out this horribly misguided use of Twitter in the video below: