Twitter’s 7 Dirty Words – Which U.S. States Curse The Most? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cursing. Swearing. Dropping the f-bomb. Everybody does it. Right?

Back in 1972, legendary standup comedian George Carlin did an iconic gig where he talked about the seven dirty words you can never say on television in the United States. That’s more than forty years ago, but even today many of these words are still not used on the public airways in the U.S., certainly on the major networks (although they get a regular airing on HBO and Showtime). But what about the internet? How often do folks use these expressions online?

Well, on Twitter, the answer is: a lot. The Marketing Robot tracked more than 55 billion tweets sent between July 31, 2011 and July 30, 2013, and discovered that some 1.3 billion – approximately one in every forty tweets – contained one of Carlin’s seven dirty words. Which means that, every second of every day, around 22 tweets are sent that you were unable to say on TV four decades ago. And California, by some distance, is your worst offender. Check the visual below for all the details.

(Source: The Marketing Robot.)

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