Twitter About To Hit 500 Employees (And 5% Of Them Still Have The Default Avatar)

In February I wrote about Twitter’s escalating employee count, which was closing in on 400 members of staff. Way back in May 2009 – when Twitter was black and white and mostly made out of wood – that number was just 69 (dude).

Now, just three and a bit months later, Twitter’s roster has jumped by over 25%, and is about to hit 500.

At the time of writing Twitter has 499 employees. And here they are.

(Fun game: ‘Where’s Dorsey?’ – try and find Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams amongst that lot. Bonus points for Doug Bowman and Dick Costolo. Multiply your score by one hundred if you can spot Mark Zuckerberg.)

It’s a good run, that’s for sure. But to put this into perspective, Facebook has over 2000 employees – and a lot more cash.

Also (and I’ve mentioned this before), but aren’t there far too many Twitter employees still using the default avatar? From my count it’s about one in every twenty. Come on, guys – it should be like a rule or something. Give new staff members a printout on that first morning of their very first day. Job one: get a proper avatar. Job two: make Mr Dorsey’s coffee. And so on.

Who’s going to be lucky employee #500? It could be anyone. Hey, it could be you. After all,  Twitter is always hiring.