Twitter 3.3.4 for iOS Forces as URL Shortener

The latest Twitter for iOS update adds the ability to launch links from messages (I thought it could do that previously).

Twitter 3.3.4

However, that is not what users of the free app are focusing on. Here’s what a few said:

– You removed the URL shortener option! Grrrr

– Why in the world would you remove the URL shortener? has it as just about every other app on the planet. Is this some sort of joke?

– What happened to the radar letting me search nearby tweets?

I don’t know about the nearby tweets radar feature. However, the URL shortening feature is still there. It is simply not an option. Twitter forces you to use its link shortener instead of one you might prefer to use ( for example). Part of the confusion may be because the full URL shows up in the Twitter for iOS app as well as Twitter’s web interfaceafter your send a tweet with a web page address. However, if you hover over the full URL on or look at the message in a different app (Seesmic twhirl, for example), you will see Twitter’s use of You can learn more abou at:

About Twitter’s Link Service (