Twitter Climbs To 230 Million Users (And Doubles Q3 Revenue) Ahead Of IPO

In an updated filing, Twitter revealed that it has more than doubled its third quarter revenue compared to the same period last year, although losses also rose.

Twitter saw revenue of $168.6 million in Q3 2013 (through end September), up from $82.3 million a year ago. Net loss increased to $64.6 million – three times the Q3 loss of 2012 ($21.6 million).

Active users on the service also increased by 15 million to 230 million users – very close to my estimation of 233 million users by end September that I speculated about here.

However, measured against Q2’s 218 million active user total, Q3 saw an active user increase of just 5.5 percent, which is a noticeable slowing on the last five quarters, and continues the quarter-on-quarter descent from Q1 March, when Twitter added more than 10 percent of its user base.

(Source: Bloomberg.)

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