New Ebook Delivers Smart Twitter Marketing Advice

Thinking about jumping into Twitter? Or have you been a Tweep for some time now but yielding disappointing results?

In her recent ebook, Twitter 101: Everything you need to know about Twitter marketing, Lauren Dugan, co-founder and writer for and social media consultant, walks through a step-by-step process on how to harness the social media power of Twitter. Whether you’re new to the social web or a long-time Twitter user, Dugan’s smart advice is a must-read if you’re looking to maximize the benefits of the second-most-popular social information network.

From suggestions for selecting a profile picture to in-depth analysis on increasing followers, this ebook has it all.

Strategy. First, Dugan recommends you develop a strategic plan. Begin by clearly outlining your goals and objectives. Sounds simple, but is often a frequently missed step when delving into Twitter.

Next, identify your target audience and how they use Twitter. By watching interactions, you can quickly learn the lingo and protocol.

Monitor competitors. As with any well-defined marketing strategy, monitor your competitors. One advantage of social interaction is that all information is public and easily accessible to everyone.

  • Learn two simple ways to monitor your competitors without them knowing it.
  • Find out what people are saying about them, watch which tactics are working for them and which ones aren’t – better to learn from others’ mistakes.

With the groundwork set, begin establishing tactics for achieving your objectives.

Content. Dugan provides creative insight into content strategies, including 20 examples of things you can tweet to get your creative juices flowing. And she smartly recommends tweeting a healthy amount of non-promotional content over promotional content. Tweeting non-stop sales-y content is grounds for “unfollowing” someone on Twitter.

Scheduling tweets. Twitter 101 also guides you through how and how often to schedule tweets, who to follow and how to increase your list of followers – and how you can determine the best days to tweet and the best times in the day to tweet. Hitting the high-traffic windows will increase the chances of your followers seeing and engaging with your tweets.

Follower count. Taking a quality over quantity approach, Dugan provides an honest accounting of the numbers: 1,000 engaged followers are better than 100,000 followers who never read your tweets. Getting more engaged followers is not an easy task, but by implementing the straightforward guidelines laid out in this ebook, you will quickly see results.

Metrics. Twitter metrics must ultimately tie back to your goals and objectives. With recommendations for monitoring keywords, following competitors, creating lists and participating in hashtag chats, Twitter 101 provides intelligent advice to ensure you’re on target.

So much more. Throughout the ebook, Dugan cites helpful resources for managing, monitoring and measuring your Twitter account. From time-saving dashboards to directories and analytics tools, you’ll be armed and ready to dive into Twitter. This well-organized and objective look at Twitter marketing is a valuable resource for navigating the 140-character giant of social media.

Available through Pearson Education, Inc., Twitter 101: Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Marketing can be downloaded here.

Based in Colorado, Melanie Trudeau works at Blue Tent Marketing, a full-service Internet marketing agency. As a chronic marketer and SEO geek, social media is an obvious extension to Melanie’s professional interests.

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