Twitter’s Latest Valuation? $10 Billion, Reveals Investor Report

Twitter, Inc has been valued at close to $10 billion by one of its largest investors, which is up around 10 percent from the last serious estimate, but down about the same amount from the last time crazy numbers were being thrown about.

In its latest filing, GSV Capital Corp. revealed that they own 1.9 million shares in Twitter with a total value of $35.2 million, or $18.50 per share. Based on an overall (estimated) share figure of almost 530 million, this prices Twitter at a heady $9.8 billion.

While no official numbers have been released, Twitter is already believed to be profitable, and some analysts have forecast that it will rake in one billion in ad revenue alone next year, most of which is expected to come from its strong presence in the social mobile space.

All of which begs the question: what price an IPO now? And, perhaps more importantly: when?

(Source: Bloomberg.)