Developers Behind Popular Graffiti Application Launch TwitDraw

Graffiti has been one of the most popular applications on Facebook since the platform first launched. We actually did an interview with Tim Suzman in the first month of the platform. Since then, the team behind Graffiti has started a new side project called TwitDraw, which is an evolved version of Graffiti in that you can continue drawing based on someone else’s graffiti.

If you want to see an example of a series of drawings, check out the kill the pig series which has gone for a few rounds. It will be interesting to see if this new application gains as much traction without as many viral distribution channels as Facebook has. The original version of Graffiti has attracted millions of users and continues to attract over 100,000 users a day. There are also some pretty incredible drawings that have been produced.

With all the traction that Twitter has been receiving, the team decided to go ahead and test out a Twitter version of their application. A number of Facebook application developers have been taking a shot at building successful Twitter applications and while there are few highly successful Twitter apps, it’s hard to ignore the buzz. Applications built on Twitter continue to receive small rounds of funding and with the site continuing to grow, it’s impossible to ignore.

Currently TwitDraw is still in its infancy and just being tested out. If all goes well the Graffiti team could soon have another successful application to add to their portfolio. Check out TwitDraw and let us know what your thoughts are!

-Kill Pig Screenshot-