Twitch’s App Will Soon Get Mobile Streaming, Pulse Feed, More

Twitch's new features will be available to mobile users in early July

Livestreaming platform Twitch revealed a series of new features and updates coming to its mobile application next month.

Among these new features is mobile streaming, allowing users of the Amazon-owned platform to livestream from their mobile device without leaving the Twitch app.

Next, Twitch’s Pulse feed, which resembles Facebook’s News Feed, will be made available for mobile users following its launch on desktop earlier this year. The Pulse feed allows users to view every post from their friends, as well as the users they follow, in a single feed.

In a press release, Twitch broke down additional features that will be included in this update:

  • Navigation Bars: One-stop shops for features like Live, Pulse and Browse for easy access to all content.
  • Swipe Surfing: Swiping motions to quickly select new videos, return to a previous stream, access playlists and more.
  • Instant Playlists: A collection of content accessible by swiping down on the screen.
  • Language Ranking: A section of featured streams most popular among users of a specific region or language.
  • Dark Mode: An inverted color scheme for a different viewing experience.
  • Notifications: Users will now have the same notification center on their mobile devices as they do on the web.

In the release, Tom Robertson, senior director of product management at Twitch, commented:

Twitch has a vibrant community on mobile, with more than 83 million installs of our app. With this redesign, we’re ensuring that our amazing creators—who are the reason this community exists—are more discoverable than ever, both to their existing fans and those who have yet to find them. It also makes navigating the app more fun and intuitive, with all of the best stuff available with a single tap or simple swipe. Not only will our creators reach a new audience through the app itself, the launch of mobile streaming gives them the opportunity to offer new content to their fans. We can’t wait to see what they create.

Twitch said these features will be available for all users in early July. The Twitch app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.