Twitch Introduces Updated Direct Messaging on iOS

The update brings Whispers 2.0 to iOS, and improves the platform's private chat functionality.

Twitch has released a new update for its app on iOS devices, introducing Whispers 2.0 to users. Whispers are Twitch’s version of direct messages, and can be used to privately chat with other Twitch users even while watching streams.

When users aren’t viewing a stream, Whispers can be accessed by tapping the speech bubble in the top-right corner of the screen. This Whispers menu gives users access to all of their private conversations, and allows users to create new conversations by searching for other Twitch users.

While watching a stream, users can Whisper to other viewers by typing /w and selecting a username from the list that appears. Users can also create a private conversation with any Twitch user by tapping the menu button on the stream’s chat window (this minimizes the chat) and tapping the plus sign to create a new conversation. Users can switch between multiple Whisper conversations by tapping the menu button in their current conversation.

Twitch has encouraged users to fill out a feedback report once they’ve tested this updated feature. The update was first released to a selection of Android users in November 2015.

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