Twitblogs Extends Twitter's 140 Characters Posting Limit

Call it a Twitter copy, a clone or an improvement but Twitblogs can very well steal some good amount of users once it comes out of beta stage. But that is assuming that you’re fed up with Twitter’s 140 character limit for microblogging purposes or you want to have the image tag or video embed tags for a microblogging service. If you’re ok with Twitter as it is right now, then you might want to skip on Twitblogs, but if you want something different and yet similar to Twitter, then you might want to give Twitblogs a spin.

Twitblogs by all means is a microblogging service. It looks exactly like Twitter, functions similarly with Twitter’s micro posting service but lets you do three more extended features – post an image, embed a video and post more than 140 characters updates.

While Twitblogs is a pretty much neat and robust web service, it is still in alpha stage and there are definitely more room for improvements. But its features right now are enough to probably get you hooked into using it.

When you login to Twitblogs using your Twitter account, you’ll be brought to a Twitblogs account page where you can either posts using Twitblogs extended posting features or create a post and use Twitter’s posting screen with the 140 character limit. This would have been a good feature, if only it was working. I tried posting using the Twitter interface and login to Twitter to see if it gets through my Twitter but it didn’t.

anyway, embedding videos onto your Twitblogs post is fast and easy, you just need to copy the embed code from the video uploading site where your video resides.

Twitblogs is still a young service. But given the right hype building strategy and of course more improvements on the technical side, it could very well earn some good amount of userbase coming from both non-Twitter and Twitter users.