TWiT App for Windows Phone: Audio/Video TWiT Shows to Go

In my opinion, one of the best ways to prevent road rage is to keep a good supply of podcasts and Audible audio books on hand during commutes. Various podcasts from Leo Laporte’s TWiT network are frequent sources of news, opinion, and entertainment for me. However, there are so many TWiT shows that I only listen to a few of them and almost never see the video associated with the shows.

One way to easily sample show you don’t subscribe to or watch video from shows you normally listen to in audio-only form is to use the free TWiT app developed by Microsoft-er Dmitry Laylin in his free time.

Announcing – TWiT Application for Windows Phone 7

The app was actually available before Windows Phone launched. But, I only learned about it recently. It makes TWiT shows available on demand in either audio-only or video formats. I tried it on my HTC HD7 and found the interface very easy to understand and use. Streaming video over a WiFi connection was very smooth with sharp clear video. Be sure to turn your Windows Phone to landscape orientation to get the biggest and, in my opinion, best video experience when watching a TWiT show.