Twistory: History As Twitter Would’ve Seen It [INFOGRAPHIC]

There have been several re-imaginings of Twitter, like this infographic about the Wright brothers on Twitter and this video of Twitter and Facebook in real-life.

The following infographics take a simpler approach, with each one artistically displaying a tweet from the past – a #FF for Leonardo Da Vinci, a FourSquare check-in on the moon with Neil Armstrong, and a hashtag-loving Julious Caesar tweeting “#veni #vidi #vici”. Check out some of these examples of “historical tweets” below.

From French artist Anatroy comes this batch of Twistory posters. Many of the posters are in French, but with a little creative translating, you can figure them out.

The tweets that Anatroy chose to highlight are from some of the most influential events in our history. The moon landing, Caesar’s speech, the painting of the Mona Lisa, and the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus are all featured, complete with @mentions, hashtags, RTs and even some typical Twitter typos.

These are three of my favorite Twistory posters from Anatroy. The FourSquare check-in on the moon is a nice touch, and the use of hashtags for #veni #vidi #vici is very cool (not to mention the fact that the tweet was sent 2058 years ago from Twitter for iPad!). The tweet from The Beatles to Mick Jagger is also pretty awesome. You can view more of this Twistory art at Anatroy’s Behance gallery.