Twishitter – Twittering While on the Can

twishitterI’ve spent quite a bit of time calling out bathroom handwashing fakers.

There’s something about a lack of personal hygiene that gets me angry. And now there’s a new trend that is on the rise.

Texting while sitting on the toilet.

That’s right friends.

I’m not sure which carries a greater volume of bacteria, books, magazines or cell phones – but I do know that only one of them gets pressed against your face.

Capitalizing on the wave of “multi-taskers” is Cheddrmedia. They’ve unveiled TwiShitter, a place where bathroom Twitter addicts can let the world know exactly where they are tweeting from…the can!
Simply hashtag your tweet with @twishitter #Poo and your tweet will be populated on the TwiShitter homepage.

What’s the benefit? We’re honestly not sure. But the site is getting as much traction as some serious skid marks, and that can lead to your tweet being seen by a greater number of eyes.

Not ones to sit on the asses, a follow up service is already in the works: ExecTwishitter is coming soon to Senior Management bathrooms everywhere. After all, CEOs, CTOs, SVPs, and other important people have to Twishitter too.

This idea might soon vanish like a fart in the wind, but for now, we’re flushing it out there for the world to see.