‘Twinterviews’: Is This the New Journalism?

For ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper, this morning’s “Twinterview” with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was the second such interview he has done with the senator. Tapper conducted another recent Twinterview with Nathan Rabin, head writer for The Onion‘s A.V. Club. D.C.’s journalism community recently watched as former GM Jim Brady did a Twinterview (it was called a #wjchat (i.e. a web chat for journalists) and answered questions about leaving TBD. And NJ Congressional Correspondent Major Garrett every so often engages in Twinterviews, allowing readers to grill him on Twitter.

Brady, who thinks anyone in journalism who isn’t aware that the web will continue to dominate the landscape is in trouble professionally, offered candid responses that followers appeared to enjoy. McCain, meanwhile, offered no bombshell responses. His answers were typically political. He said things such as “I have not had enough time to examine the review – but I am pleased that there appears to be some progress.” (The question concerned the Afghanistan-Pakistan review a year later.) He said the new missile defense agreement assuages “some but not all” concerns he has about missile defense.

Then McCain had to leave. “This was fun @jaketapper, lets do it again soon!”